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Carbon Black


 HCC: high color channel processing carbon black

      MCF: Medium color furnace processing carbon black

   RCF: regular color furnace processing carbon black

HCC: SP-1 #/ SP -A/SP-B



Performance: BET: 280-350m2/g; PH Value: 2.0-3.5; Volatile Matter: 5%-8%; Finess: 10-15μm
Application: particle Size, easy to disperse, acidy, Bet bigger than others, high blackness, good polish, high tinting strength, and blue tone. , to be widely used in car-paint, altitude painting, offset ink, ink-plasm, color-powder and project plastics.

MCF: QC2#/QC4#/H8

Performance: BET, 150-200 m2/g; PH Value: 3.5-5.0; Volatile Matter: 3%-5%; finess: 10-15μm.
Application: wettability, dissolve well to each other ,BET is lower than SP range ,better to disperse , middle -blackness and tinting strength ,blue tone, can be used in kinds of paints ,printing inks ,architecture-dope, color master batch.

MCF: H2/H5/H7/H260/H690;H110/H130/H170/H190


Performacnce: furnace proceed carbon black. BET 120-145 m2/g; Value: 6-8; Volatile Matter: 0.5%-1.0%; DBP: 0.7-0.9
Application: high or middle blackness and tinting strength, good viscosity and fluidity .Especially used in color master batch, fiber, plastics, also to be used in offset inks, color slurry, wire or cables. H110/H130/H170/H190 is bead.

MCF: QC8# (wettability)

Performance: primarily performance is similar to 2.2 ranges, benign water-solubility.
Application: could be used in construction and inorganic solvent painting and printing inks, is favorable and black pigments.


Performance: processed furnace carbon black. Finess: 10-15μm., BET structure is lower than others, 60-100 m2/g.

Application : low viscosity ,high fluidity ,easy to disperse ,blue tone ,be applied in newspaper ink, such as flexible printing ink, heat-rolling offset ink, general painting and color master batch.


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