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8.1.1 Glass Bead for Road Making
8.1.2 Glass Bead for Jetting
8.1.3 Glass Bead for Grinding
8.2 Special Carbon Black
8.3 Molybdenum Powder

Glass Bead for Road Making

Improve the road marking line contrary reflection function. When driving at night, the lamp shines on the marking line with glass bead in it, the ray of lamp is reflected back parallelly. So the driver can look at the road clearly and drive safely at night.


Glass Bead for Jetting

Glass bead for jetting has the features of chemical stability, high mechanical intensity and hardness. They can be jetted onto the object surface with compressed air and can be used on compress glass, rubber, plastic, moulds with metal casting or compressing. The jetting balls would help reduce elasticity of the surface materials and increase wearing capacity.

Glass Bead for Grinding

With the advantages of smooth surface, even size, high hardness, wearable and stable, widely used as disperser, grinding media and filler materials in day, paint, ink and chemical industry.

Carbon Black


 HCC: high color channel processing carbon black

      MCF: Medium color furnace processing carbon black

   RCF: regular color furnace processing carbon black



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