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Handheld Thermal Viewer FAWH512+






Features and Benefits

  • Versatile & portable
    Compact and portable design makes it perfectly suited to either mobile or fixed, day or night detection and surveillance.

  • Easy to use
    Four buttons carry out all the orders to operate the camera. Automatic gain and offset control enables you to get high quality images from switching on.

Technical Specifications



Imaging Performance
Detector Type: Uncooled FPA microbolometer
320× 240 pixels,45μm
Spectral Range: 8- 14 μm
Field of View: 9°× 6 .8°
Thermal Sensitivity: 0.08℃at 30℃
Gain & Offset: Auto & manual control
Electronic Zoom: ×2, ×4 interpolating
Image Presentation
Video Output: PAL or NTSC, composite video
Integrated Display: CRT viewfinder
Image Color: B& W, B& W inverse, multiple colors (9 palettes available)
Power System
Battery Type:  7.2V rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Battery Operating Time:  2 hours continuous operation
External Power Operation:  AC adapter 110/ 220VAC, 50/ 60 Hz
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature: -40℃- +50℃
Storage Temperature:  -40℃- +60℃
Humidity:  Operating and storing 10% to 95%, non-condensing
Shock:  GJB
Vibration:  GJB
Physical Characteristics
Weight: 2.0 Kg
Size:  232mm× 103mm× 126mm
Tripod Mounting: 1/4″-20


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