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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector TUD210

Special Feature

  • • Real-time multi-function system, stable, reliable and efficient operation
  • • The embedded software can be online updated
  • • Big memory of 400 A graph and 40000 thickness value
  • • Super Fast sampling capability, RF wave full display, and minimum display range 2.5mm
  • • Wide & high bright EL display screen
  • • Alternative switch between single probe and double probe
  • • DAC automatically creation with standard test block
  • • Li battery, continue working time up to 6 Hrs
  • • USB and RS232 interface
  • • 3 offset adjustable DAC curve cater to various requirements of DAC in all walks of life
  • • 400 independents flaw detection channel.
  • • High speed sampling, radio frequency display with 80 MHz for sampling Min. display range 2.5mm

Technical Specifications

Test Modes Pulse-echo and dual
Pulser Spike excitation pulser
Min. Range 2.5mm (C=5920 m/s, steel) 0.1 inch (C=233 inch/ms)
Max. Range 5,000mm (C=5920 m/s, steel) 200 inch (C=233 inch/ms)
Material Velocity 1,000 to 9,999 m/s variable in steps of 1 m/s
40 to 390 inch/ms in steps of 0.1 inch/ms
Vertical Linearity Error ≤3%
Dynamic Range ≥32dB
Horizontal Linearity Error ≤0.2%
Sensitivity Leavings ≥50dB
Pulse Displacement -20μs to +3400μs
Probe Delay 0-99.99μs, resolution 0.01
Gain 0-110 dB variable in selectable steps of 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 6, 12 and 0.0 locked
Damping 50 ohms, 150 ohms and 400 ohms
Rectification Full wave, positive half wave, negative half wave and RF
Bandwidth Three selectable broadband (-3dB):
low 0.2-1MHz, Middle 0.5-4 MHz, High 1-10MHz
Reject Linear, 0-80% of full screen, variable in steps of 1%
Measurement Resolution Sound path: 0.1mm (display range<99.9mm) 1mm (display range ≥100mm)
0.01 inch (display range <3.90 inch)
0.1 inch (display range ≥3.9 inch)
Amplitude: 1% SH, highest echo in the Gate
Display Screen and A-Scan Thin film electroluminescent display: 115mmX86mm (4.5 inchX34inch) 320X240 pixels, Zoom display, filled or outlined display and A-scan freeze (gate movement in the frozen A-scan impossible)
Distance Readout Provide single echo or echo to echo thickness reading or sound path, surface, and depth reading for angle beam testing with either peak or flank detection
Unit Metric/imperial
Refracted angle Fixed setting of 0o, 30o, 45o, 60o, 70o, 90o or variable from 0o to 90o refracted angle in 1o resolution
Interface USB and RS232 bi-directional 9600 baud, 8 bits word length, no parity, 1 stop bit
Printer Driver TP UP-NH-S line thermal printer
Power Supply Li batteries, continues working time approx. 6 Hrs or Charger/Adapter DC output 9V/3A
Low Battery Alarm On-screen warning of low battery
AC Mains requirements 85 to 264VAC/1.0A, 47 to 63Hz
Charging Time 5 Hrs Max.
Operating Temperature 0°C-40°C (32°F   -104°F   )
Storage Temperature -20oC-+60oC (-4F-140F)
Dimension (D X W X H) 53*184*230mm
Weight 1.4kg (3.1 lbs) with batteries
Probe Connector LEMO
Standard Delivery   Optional Accessories
Main Unit 1 Ÿ Standard Echo Probe BH-50
Li Battery 1 Ÿ  Angle-beam Probe (5MHz-6x6K2)
Neck strap 1 Ÿ   Angle-beam Probe (2.5MHz-13x13K2.5)
Power supply adapter 1 Ÿ   Straight-beam Probe (2.5MHz-Ψ14)
Couplant 1 Ÿ   Data View for TUD201 (Software with PC cable
Straight-beam probe (2.5MHz-Ψ20) 1 Ÿ   TP UP-NH Thermal line Printer (with power supply unit and 9 pin plug cable)
Angle-beam Probe (5MHz-8x9K2) 1 Ÿ    USB communication cable
Cable with LEMO connector 2 N/A
Hard shell case 1
Ψ3.2 Cross screwdriver 1
Time Certificate 1
Warranty Card 1
Instruction Manual 1
Carrying Case 1


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