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Vibration Pen Model VM-63


Brief Description


Our Model VM-63, Vibration Pen, can measure four kinds of vibration data, data holding and Auto-stop functions. It does not only measure vibration velocity, acceleration and displacement for analysis of vibration machinery, but also monitoring machinery vibration caused by imbalance, misalignment, gear & bearing faults etc. which is abide by ISO2372 & G/B2954 (National Standard of China).

  • Prompt testing of vibration on the workshop machines.
  • Holding tested value.
  • For quick checking of unbalance misalignment, bearings and gears.
  • Guard against mechanical malfunction.
  • Automatic switch off after 15 seconds

Technical Specifications


Model VM-63
Transducer: Piezoelectric acceleration
Parameter Acceleration, Velocity & Displacement
Frequency Range (Hz)  High Frequency Acceleration: 1KHz-5KHz
Acceleration: 20Hz-800Hz
Velocity: 10Hz-1Khz
Displacement: 10Hz-500Hz
Testing Range:  Hi-Frequency Acceleration (H): 0.1-199.9m/s2 (Peak)
Acceleration (A): 0.1-199.9m/s2 (Peak)
Velocity (V): 0.1-199.9mm/s2 (RMS)
Displacement (D): 1-1999um (peak-peak)
Accuracy:  +/-5% of display, +/-2 of digits
Application: On site
Tunnel: 1
Working Environment: 0-40°C (32-104°F   ), Relative Humidity: <85%
Power Supply: 4 pcs of CR2032 button batteries
Battery capacity: Approx. 20 hours continuously
Size: 150*25*20mm
Weight:  100g (including battery & probe)

Standard Delivery

No. Items Integrated Model Detached Model
1 Main Unit 1 1
2 Magnetic Base 1 N/A
3 Probe N/A 2 PCS (lang & Short)
4 Acceleration gauge 1 N/A
5 Cable for Probe 1 N/A
6 Certificate 1 1
7 Carrying Case 1 1
8 Warranty Card 1 1
9 Instruction 1 1


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