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CTG-A Coating Thickness Gauge
  • Our Model CTG-A, Portable Coating Thickness Gauge (CTG), is designed on principle of electromagnetic induction. The CTG has adopted the monolithic microcomputer as the control unit. It is used to measure the thickness of the coating over on the magnetic substrates, e.g., to measure the thickness of a chromium coating or a painted coating on an iron substrate.
  • Specifications
Portable Coating Thickness Gauge TT220
  • Integrated probe F
  • Magnetic induction measuring principle
  • Any non-magnetic coating on ferrous substrates
  • Measurement modes: continuous / single
  • Automatically shut-off
  • Real time or batch printing with TA-220s printer
  • Automatic calculation: Mean / Max / Min / No. / S.Dev
  • Specifications
Coating Thickness Gauge TT230
  • Integrated probe N
  • Eddy current measuring principle
  • Any insulating coating on non-ferrous conductible substrates
  • Measurement modes: continuous/single
  • Automatic calculation: Mean/ Max./ Min./ No./ S.Dev
  • Automatically shut off
  • Real time or batch printing with TA220S printer
  • Specifications

Coating Thickness Gauge TT260

  • 2 Measuring modes: continuous / single
  • 2 Shutdown modes: manual/automatic
  • Wide measuring range with 5 probes available (next page)
  • Direct testing mode and block statistics mode (APPL / BATCH)
  • Direct print out of statistical values
  • Dataview to connect with PC
  • 495 data can be stored
  • Specifications



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