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Portable Vibration Gauge TV300

Brief Description

TV300 is an advanced vibration tester distinguished by its very high accuracy, wide measuring range and simplicity of operation.

Typical Applications

  •  Ideal for acceleration, velocity, displacement, rotate speed, natural frequency.
  • Three display modes:
  •  A)Special show acceleration in peak, velocity in RMS and Displacement in peak-peak at the same time
  •  B) Common show one of the above three at one time, but font is bigger. Spectrum show Spectrum,charts.
  •  C) Status bar compares current data with previous data, warning limit, and alarm limit while working.
  •  LCD 320x 200pixels, LED backlight.
  •  Analyze. Auto function finds climaxes of spectrum. Manual function views spectrum by move cursor. Zoom function spreads the spectrum.
  •  One important parameter choosing from acceleration, velocity and displacement will be displayed in a striking position.
  •  Point index could be set to increment automatically.
  •  Language could be switched.
  •  Auto shutdown time is adjustable.
  •  LCD contrast is adjustable.
  •  Clock is adjustable, which could be printed out with the measure result.
  •  Large memory. 25 points and each has 72 historical data and one spectrum.
  •  Print data in numerical value or spectrum.
  •  RS232 data output.
  •  Li-battery could be charged anytime. Work 20 hours continuously. Charging time 12 hours.
Acceleration  0.1m/s2-392m/s2 (Peak) 
Velocity  0.01cm/s – 80cm/s (RMS) 
Displacement  0.001mm-10mm (P-P) 
Transmission bands    
a) Acceleration  10Hz-200Hz, 10Hz-500Hz
  10Hz-1KHz, 10Hz-10KHz 
b) Velocity  10Hz-1KHz 
c)Displacement  10Hz-500Hz 
Frequency resolution  0.25Hz 
Accuracy  +/- 5% 
Temperature range  0-40°C
Humidity range:  <80% 
Dimensions (WxDxH)  171mmx78.5mmx28mm 
Weight  230g 

Optional Accessories

Data Management software, Printer TA220S, Install Bolt M3x12, Magnetic base, Probe groupware, Long needle

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