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Portable Vibration Gauge TV200



Tested parameter  RMS of vibration velocity (mm/s) 
Range  0.1mm/s – 199.9mm/s 
Transmission band  10Hz – 1 KHz 
Accuracy  +/-5%+/-2 
Relative error of transmission  20Hz<f<1000Hz, +/-10%
  10Hz<f<20Hz, +10-20% 
Display:  3 1/2 digits LCD, refresh interval about 0.5 second. 
Power supply:  Two buttony batteries (LR44 or SR44) 
Battery capacity:  10 hours continuously or 400 times testing 
Operation environment  Temperature 0-40°C, relative humidity: <85% 
Dimensions (WxDxH)  150mmx22mmx18mm 
Weight  55g (two batteries included) 

Standard delivery

Vibration TV-200, Small pocket bag, Manual, Battery LR 44 or SR44

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