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Generating Sets


Genset Model: 64GF                                      Rated Power: 64/80KW

Standby Power: 70.4/88KW                           Control Screen Model: XT-210, GT-210, GAT-210
Genset Net Weight: 1480Kg Overall              Dimension (L×W×H): 2300×870×1550

Diesel Engine

Model: WD615.00D15                                       Standby Power: 83.6KW
Type: Water cooling, Vertical, Four-stroke, Direct injection, Electric Start DC 24V
Rated Speed: 1500r/min                                     Regulator Type: Mechanical Regulator or Electronic Regulator
Rated Power: 76KW                                           Fuel Consumption: 220g/kw.h


Model: LSA43.2L8                                              Power Factor (cosφ): 0.8 lagging
Rated Power: 64KW                                           Phase: three phase
Rated Current: 115.5A                                      Excitation: Brushless self excitation
Rated Voltage: 400/230V                                   V-regulator: AVR
Rated Frequency: 50Hz                                     Insulation Class: H
Rated Speed: 1500 r/min                                    Protection Class: IP23

The Stand-by power calibrated engine, as per the average load rate is 80%, can not exceed 200 running hours, the hours used at stand-by power point can not exceed the rated stand-by power.

According to customer requirements,alternator options are Stamford, marathon, Leroy Sommer etc, overall dimension varies a little with different choices.

By recombining the twelve leading-out terminals in alternator, the output voltage can be adapted to meet the user’s requirement.

Rated frequency option is 60Hz, with matching diesel engine and generator speed.

Nominal Conditions: Altitude: 1000m, ambient Temperature 40℃, relative Humidity 60%.

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